Tool that changes the rules in custom product sales
Show your customer the future – their custom product at their home — use AR technologies that are available today
Probably, you have already "tried on" sneakers or place a Kallax rack in the living room using mobile applications.

But what if you sell something that exists only in the imagination of the client or in the blueprints of the engineer? For example, a custom-made interior partition with various types of fillings, or a specially designed front door, or any other bespoke item that is difficult to imagine for your client in the interior of their dwelling.

Help your customers — let them see the visualization in real time right at their home.

Immersive shopping
trend that helps boost sales

We create mobile AR applications for the interior and furniture market
Evgeny Zakharchuk,
project Founder and CEO
Our team is engaged not only in IT development, but also has experience
in its own production business in the field of furniture and interiors.
Through a mobile app and augmented reality, you can

You visualize the object directly in the interior of the customer, using a smartphone or tablet — and this is way more vivid than the highest quality 3D model on the screen.

It is easier for the customer to make a decision, as people often choose what they visually like - now they can see it right at home. Eliminate customer doubts.
AR technologies are not yet used universally. They're a novelty for many folks. Your expertise in the eyes of the customers increases, and their trust increases.
Help the client to make an easy decision

Increase the average purchase value
Amaze the customers, evoke their emotions
We offer the development of AR applications to sellers and manufacturers:
Stone countertops and window sills
Drapes, curtains, blinds
Gates and fences
Cabinet and upholstered furniture

Sliding doors and partitions
Interior and entrance doors
Exterior glazing constructions
Office partitions
How it works?
The measuring designer comes to the customer and demonstrates visualization in real time.

The client chooses what they want to see in the application and tests it right away. The door can be opened, closed, passed through — the color, glazing of the partition and much more are optional as well.
Point at an opening or niche and take a measurement. Lidar built into the phone will determine the size and boundaries of the niche or opening.
Model your partition by choosing the type, configuration, number of doors and materials.
See the result on your tablet or a smartphone in augmented reality mode.
Contact the manufacturer of sliding doors and partitions, providing them with a ready-made model with visualization.
Try our innovations
It does not require special skills, only iPhone
or iPad.

The road to purchase becomes easier — you can place an order immediately through the app.
Collaboration options
Development of an AR visualization tool with an embedded constructor for a portion of custom-made products assortment
Your own AR visualization app and constructor for the entire assortment or its part
Development "turnkey" of your own application with integration functions, price calculation, and so on
On request
On request
Our projects are available to everyone —
from self-employed designers and private buyers, to the largest manufacturers of furniture and interior items.
Compatible with iPhone or iPad.

Convenient: optimal deadlines of goods integration, affordable cost of services.
Integration with CRM and databases, cloud service, technical support.
Evgeny Zakharchuk
Project Founder and CEO
15 years ago, I founded a furniture company. The niche was production and sale of interior doors and partitions. I'm no stranger to all the problems of both production and customers.
To-date, the world is different. The buyer does not need to come to the showroom — they can choose online, or make an appointment with the designer at home.

To make the selection process even more efficient and convenient for the client, we have developed a completely new tool — the ability to visualize the future product right in its interior. The client can immediately see what size or color they like.

I believe that augmented reality is a technology that will make the ordering process easier for both the buyer and the seller.

Co-founder and Technical Manager of the project
Since 2016, I have been a co-founder in a technology project using AR technologies to demonstrate finished furniture.
The buyer could take a virtual chair, put it in their dining room or move it to the living room. It was an amazing experience.

I also participated in the development of a training program for children — with the help of augmented reality technology, we made learning an exciting adventure.

I believe that new technologies will become universal in the near future. That is why it is necessary to "seize the moment" and introduce AR, VR and other modern achievements into the business.

Anatoly Shcherbakov
Boosting Custom Product Sales
Boosting Custom Product Sales
Boosting Custom Product Sales
Boosting Custom Product Sales
Boosting Custom Product Sales
We help companies in the interior and furniture market to shape the idea of a product with the help of AR applications that visualize a realistic 3D image of the future product directly in the client's interior in real time
Technology is evolving
According to the Deloitte study, the global home furniture market in 2019 was estimated at $509.8 billion. According to experts' forecasts, by 2025 the market will overcome the $800.56 billion mark.
Higher quality of life
According to PWC, today, people always go to traditional stores (42% in Russia and 45% in the world). But the volume of online sales is also growing — the pandemic has strongly stimulated demand via the Internet.
Online and offline
Before purchase, 58% of users want to imagine a particular piece of furniture sitting at their homes. Augmented reality technology helps to solve this problem, and at the same time stand out from the competition.
Specifics of sales
According to Mordor Intelligence, by 2025, the global VR/AR market will reach $574.9 billion with an average annual growth rate of 63.3%. And in 2019, the global VR/AR market was estimated at only $17.59 billion!
Use AR capabilities for your business. The future has already arrived
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